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How can work have a positive impact on your health!

Work can be incredibly time consuming, so much so that it may affect your health, do not let health scare kick start your fitness regime.

how_can_work_have_a_positive_impact_on_your_health.jpgAs another 9:00-5:30 day at work draws to an gradual end I get home, slap a tasteless ready meal into my microwave and collapse on the sofa. Several hours later a quick wash before 5 hours of rather pitiful sleep. This was me about 6 months ago but a rather frank conversation with my doctor would change the way in which I approached my daily routine. Sadly diabetes runs in my family, of which a notion that my G.P was quick to remind me. ~My lifestyle was not helping my cause and my weight had increased substantially over the course of the past year, something drastic needed change and fast.

First and foremost I needed to understand why my daily routine had become so unhealthy and immediately change my approach to the situation. I quickly ascertained work to be the problem. I have been working in an office environment for around 18 months and I believe that my fitness levels and diet steadily deteriorated as time has drawn on, breaking these habits was definitely not going to be an easy feat.

My road to self redemption began on a warm Sunday evening, instead of relying on the vending machine and a less than nutritious steak pie from the local supermarket, I prepared my food for the next day. Each evening I ensure that I have prepared or I have the correct ingredients to conjure something up at work. I have a draw at my desk dedicated to healthy snacks such as rice cakes, peanut butter and a selection of fruit.

I have found that bringing my own food into work has numerous positive benefits, I am able to control exactly what I eat as well as knowing what has been put into my food rather than relying on the guidelines written on the packaging. I find that with my new diet I have increased energy levels which enables me to maintain concentration better during working hours and still have enough oomf left in me to go for a walk when I get home.

My office is situated about 2 ½ miles away from my home a journey which could take anywhere from 10 minutes depending on traffic however I have recently taken to walking to work instead of driving, whilst only being a 30 minute walk it is after-all time spent active. More recently I have began to train to for a charity run (which has coincidently been organised by my company) which has encouraged me to start at the gym and since first walking into the gym I have noticed significant improvements in my strength and fitness levels as well as being even more motivated to eat healthily.

That being said I would have struggled to change so extensively without the support of several colleagues working towards the same goal as myself. A little friendly competition is always helpful as well as having someone to stop you bailing from the gym or even to slap your hand away from those tempting sugary snacks.

Utilising the regimented routine of working life has allowed me to structure my health and fitness plans which in turn has become a staple part of my day. These changes can be implemented over the upcoming weeks and months or even all at once it is all about approaching it in a way that suits yourself.

Wrote by Adam Howard. He writes for Atrium Legal who are experts in workers health. Their aim is to prevent work form causing illness and injury.

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