Vibration White Finger (HAVS)

This is a condition that affects people who use or have used in the past hand-held vibrating tools.

vibration white finger compensationvibration white finger claim onlineVibration White Finger is a disorder that forms part of a syndrome commonly known as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Vibration White Finger (VWF) is a disabling and painful disorder of the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and joints which restrict blood supply to the fingers and hand.

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For people with advanced VWF the condition is irreversible and may continue to progress even when vibration ceases. Because of this it could effect the rest of your life both in and out of work., which makes you eligable for compensation. It isn't just wear and tear or just part of the job. You should have been protected from it.

Symptoms of Vibration White Finger

Bouts of VWF are usually triggered by cold weather conditions or by touching cold objects. Distinctive effects of the disease include the following:

  • The first stage is usually numbness and tingling in the fingers. This often continues even after using machinery.
  • At the next stage one fingertip will temporarily turn white and may start to ache.
  • This is followed by the fingers turning white on a more frequent basis.
  • Finally, the other fingers begin to turn white; however, your thumb is unlikely to be affected. By the time several fingers have turned white, VWF is probably irreversible.
  • You suffer from a growing number of frequent painful attacks at any time of the day.

Sufferers of VWF may experience permanent loss of sensation in their fingers and may find everyday tasks such as handling coins, fastening buttons, threading needles and handling small objects such as screws and nails a virtual impossibility.

In extreme cases people have been known to lose fingers.  One example of this may be a forestry worker using a chainsaw.  He may be unable to feel his fingers in cold weather conditions.

What Causes Vibration White Finger?

VWF usually affects people who repeatedly work with vibrating machinery such as hammer drills, pneumatic drills, sanders, angle grinders, polishers, lawnmowers, tyre fitting equipment jigsaws and chainsaws.

Occupations which include the use of the following are most likely to be affected:

  • Forestry or Woodworking: Use of chain saws, brush cutters, hand-held or hand-fed circular saws
  • Metal Industry: Use of hand-held rotary tools or grinders or the use of hand-held percussive tools in connection with riveting, caulking, chipping, hammering, swaging or fettling. Alternatively, the holding of material being ground or metal being sanded or polished by rotary tools.
  • Shoe Manufactory: Holding material being worked upon by pounding machines
  • Road Construction: Use of hand-held powered percussive drills or hammers
  • Construction industry: Use of hand-held powered percussive drills or hammers
  • Mining Industry: Use of hand-held powered percussive drills or hammers
  • Quarrying: Use of hand-held powered percussive drills or hammers
  • Demolition: Use of hand-held powered percussive drills or hammers

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