Industrial Disease Explained

Industrial disease is the industry term for work related injury and illness. You can claim if your employer doesn't protect your health. If your job has been harmful to your health, you could be entitled to industrial disease compensation.

industrial disease claimindustrial disease claim onlineEvery year many thousands of people develop an Industrial illness caused by contact with something at work. Employers in all industries have a duty of care to their employees. For many years rules and regulations have been in place to try and reduce the risk of employees developing illnesses but employers have often failed to comply with these laws designed to keep work places safe.

Exposure to excessive noise, vibration, dust, chemicals or fumes at work, are all common causes of illnesses. These conditions can sometimes develop very quickly or may take months or even years to develop. The effects of industrial illnesses can be devastating upon the individual and their family, and in some cases, even life threatening.

Many people wrongly believe that these claims only apply to employees in heavy industrial jobs such as mining or steel manufacturing. In actual fact there are a great number of jobs that may lead to industrial disease or disability. Any job that requires workers to use hand held tools, work in noisy environments or involve a degree of exposure to hazardous substances (such as asbestos or even chemicals) could lead to the onset of an industrial disease. You may have worked in these environments many years ago but only recently noticed the symptoms.

If you believe that you've developed an illness caused by work, you should seek advice immediately. A specialist industrial disease solicitor will be able to identify the best course of legal action and instruct the right medical expert, whilst treating your case with sensitivity. This is a specialised area of law and we have a team of experienced solicitors ready to help with your case and maximize your potential compensation.

To find out more about the symptoms that are affecting you and specific industrial diseases click here or to make an industrial disease claim enquiry click here.

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