Hearing Loss Claims

Ever wondered if there is something wrong with your hearing? If your work has caused deafness you can make a hearing loss claim.

hearing loss claim onlinehearing_loss_claims.jpgWhat is an Industrial Hearing Loss Claim?

Industrial Hearing Loss (also referred to as Noise Induced Hearing Loss/Occupational Deafness) is irreversible damage to the ears caused by exposure to high levels of noise (over 80 decibels). In the worst case scenario you could develop Industrial Deafness if it isn't treated. By Law your hearing should be protected by your employer and if it isn't you can make a hearing loss claim.

Mr Steven Peacock of Mountain Ash, Mid Glamorgan was awarded £7800 hearing loss compensation, "I was very happy with the service Atrium Legal Provided and would be more than happy to refer friends and family."

Hearing Loss claims can vary from £6K for a small amount of hearing loss to £60K for Total Occupational Deafness. Make a Hearing Loss Claim Online Now


If your hearing has been effected by your work you may be due compensation. We are Industrial Hearing Loss experts and will offer you the best possible service on a No Win No Fee basis. Contact us for no obligation advice, we will never ask you for any money.

Examples of noise levels are as follows:

  • Bedroom or quiet living room 40dBA
  • Conversation at a normal level 60dBA
  • Vacuum cleaner (10ft) 70dBA
  • Food blender (2ft) or Pneumatic drill (50ft) 80dBA
  • Heavy truck or motorbike (25ft) 90dBA
  • Chain saw 110dBA

Some industries which can commonly be referred to as noisy are:

Woodworking, Pubs & Clubs,  General Fabrication, Plastics Processing, Ship Building, Demolition or Road Repair, Military, Agriculture, Printing, Foundries, Engineering, Textiles, Steel Works, Metal Forging, Canning or Bottling, Paper or Board Making, Metal Pressing, Metal Stamping.

Working with certain tools can also cause industrial hearing loss.  Some of these include Drills, Chainsaws, Hammering Devices, Drop Forging, Explosive Devices and Pneumatic Impact tools.  It is also common to find that people who have used some of these hand held tools may also suffer from a vibration related illness such as Vibration White Finger.

Are you at Risk of hearing loss?

If you can answer ‘YES’ to any of the following questions then YOU ARE PROBABLY AT RISK!

  • Is the noise intrusive for most of the day? This might be similar to a busy shopping centre, your vacuum cleaner or equivalent to being in a busy bar or restaurant.
  • During a part of your normal day do you have to raise your voice to have a normal conversation when standing approximately 2 meters away from the other person?
  • Do you use loud machinery or noisy powered tools for more than 30 minutes each working day?
  • Do you work in a noisy environment such as listed above?
  • Are there noises due to impacts in your working environment?  These may be from Drills, Chainsaws, Hammering Devices, Drop Forging, Explosive Devices (such as detonators, guns & cartridge-operated tools) and Pneumatic Impact tools.
  • Is your hearing muffled at the end of the day?  It may even be okay in the morning.

Common Industrial Hearing Loss Symptoms:hearing loss compensation

  • Family members complaining that the TV is too loud
  • Conversation becomes difficult or sometimes even impossible
  • Using the telephone may become difficult
  • You may experience confusion with some words as you struggle to catch certain sounds such as ‘t’, ‘d’ and ‘s’
  • You may suffer from Tinnitus (humming, ringing, buzzing or whistling sounds in your ears)

If you feel you are at risk you can see here how to protect yourself from hearing loss.

Industrial Hearing Loss happens very gradually. Unfortunately, by the time you have noticed it, it is usually too late because of this you may be eligible for a noise induced hearing loss claim.

To make an enquiry for industrial hearing loss click here today!

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