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New Findings on the cause of COPD


COPD_claim_online.gifChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a collective term for conditions such as ChronicBronchitis and Emphysema which seriously effects your breathing. The damage done to the lungs is permanent.


COPD is the a major cause of death across the UK killing over 30'000 each year. It is also the third highest cause of death in the US. It is the only major cause of death that is on the increase in new studies.


In this research are new findings on the precise cause of COPD. The activity of immune cells travelling in the bloodstream and penetrating the tissues of the lungs could contribute to COPD developing. Scientists have revealed that this significant activity starts in the blood vessels around centre of the lung and its large airways.


These findings will assist in the development of treatment for COPD.


"Understanding how a disease begins is an important step to develop new therapies, and knowing the mechanism and location of white blood cell recruitment to the lung early on in the development of COPD in this model will allow us to more rapidly screen drugs and determine how they work," said Benjamin Davis, a researcher with the Center for Health and the Environment


COPD is usually caused by smoking or inhaling foreign materials in the air, normally at work. You can slow and ease the symptoms but Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is incurable. If you work with any of the following you may be in danger of COPD.

  • Welding Fumes

  • Coal dust

  • Cadmium dust/fume

  • Cotton dust

  • Grain and flour dust

  • Mineral dust

  • Silica dust

  • Organic dusts

These fumes and dust cause scaring and inflammation of the lungs. This diminishes the lungs elasticity which reduces your breathing capacity. The tiny air sacs called the alveoli are also harmed reducing the amount of oxygen absorbed into the blood.

Your employer has a legal obligation to protect you from these elements and if they don't you can claim for COPD Compensation. You should be provided with adequate protection.

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