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Industrial Disease Exempt form No Win No Fee Cut

white_orange_claim_online18.gifIndustrial Disease Sufferers have been backed by the House of parliment_news.jpgLords to exempt them from the reforms in No Win No Fee litigation. If the reform had been passed, sufferers from work related diseases such as Asbestosis and COPD wouldn't have been able to claim on a No Win No Fee basis. This would have added considerable stress to the ordeal that they are a completely innocent victim of.


The Bill which is looking like being passed in other areas is aimed at cutting civil litigation costs, including civil legal aid. This would mean that a claimant who is successful could loose up to 25% of their compensation and one who is unsuccessful would still have to pay legal costs.


Some sufferers of Industrial Disease are in fatal conditions and it would be horrendous to expect them to pay legal fees in their condition. They wouldn't have the time or the will to shop around for the best price. These people should be fully protected by the law, not hindered by it.


David Cameron has pushed to stop the compensation culture in Britain but his plans would have restricted innocent victims of work related illness or injury from claiming compensation. Also it would have hindered the aid we can offer to people awarding them 100% of their compensation and offering a No Win No fee service.

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